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Baggo Bingo Bags Company Limited

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We,BagGo BinGo,originally founded in 2010 as a workshop,located in the world's largest leatherware production center in Guang Zhou of South China,are an experienced custom bags manufacturer in a wide variety of types and styles. BagGo BinGo creation and production of custom bags are defined by pure class and elegance.Welcome to try our services and experience the quality and luxury we bring in to make your designs into real life.As a professional custom bags manufacturer and handbag factory from mainland China,BagGo BinGo always put Craftsman’s Spirit at top place through its company's management. People often ask what is Craftsman’s Spirit ?There is actually much more comprehensive meaning in Craftsman’s Spirit than that implied by the word Craftsman itself.To produce better products requires the spirit of the craftsman.Most people think of craftsmen as no more than skilled workers who can only repetitively complete one operation.But there is so much more to them than that.Many successful entrepreneurs have been found to have the spirit of the craftsman which includes determination,patience and the desire to achieve perfection.A craftsman’s spirit can be massively defined by as one who is devoted to make things with perfection,precision,concentration,patience and persistence.You must dedicate your life to mastering a skill,this is the key to success. BagGo BinGo Bags business and trading concepts are based on being Sustainable,Eco-Friendly and One-of-a-kind.We have to be innovative and keep pace up with the trends in the industry in order to realize wise-economy and tech-innovation transformation from the traditional manufacturing sector.We should never forget and always stick to and practice the Craftsman's Spirit.BagGo BinGo's team and staff are always in the pursuit of perfection in its creation with this kind of Craftsman's Spirit. When it comes to quality products,China must embrace the perfection,precision and patience of the craftsman to get ahead of its global competitors.That is exactly what we do,BagGo BinGo create flawless and meticulous quality customs leather bags for years.Welcome to try and experience BagGo BinGo services and products.
  • custom handbag
  • custom-made bags
  • customized handbags
  • bespoke bags
  • ladies handbags


  • 生产商


  • 10-50 雇员
  • 1M - 2M 销售额(美元)
  • 100% 出口销售
  • 2017
    Year 成立年份



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Baggo Bingo Bags Company Limited
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Benson Liang
86 20 3770xxxx
Building No.3,Min Rong Road No.12,Shi Ling,510850,HuaDu district, - 510850
Guanghzou / Guangdong