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virtues laboratory system engineering co ltd


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VIRTUES LABORATORY SYSTEM ENGINEERING virtueslab is a professional company providing one-stop service for the overall planning, design and construction of laboratories."The company has all imported German and American equipment production base and product exhibition hall. With rigorous technology and humanized design, we have created an international brand of products."SCOPE OF BUSINESS Lab overall planning and design, laboratory basic equipment . fumehood, laboratory workbench, balance table,drug reagent safety storage cabinet. laboratory special accessories: laboratory water and gas supply faucets and pipeline , universal exhauste hood, emergency shower and eyewash. laboratory instruments and related consumables. laboratory gas Pipeline system air supply and exhaust heating ventilation engineering air flow control system waste water and waste gas treatment environmental protection equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, Decoration Engineering construction, etc. virtueslab adopts the international management model, gathers a group of high-tech domestic and foreign scientific researchers, equipped with good product development and production equipment, and conforms to the development situation of the international market, develops and develops a series of laboratory furniture and supporting equipment with world advanced level, with a wide range of products. It has passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. As a member of SEFA, ASHRAE and NFPA certification of the International Association, it is a supplier approved by China Laboratory Accreditation Committee. project cases are all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia and some European and American countries. One project, one boutique, is a wonderful interpretation of virtueslab brand ‘s profession, quality and service.
  • laboratory,instrument,fumehood,workbenches
  • eyewasher
  • lab faucets
  • shower
  • ventilation


  • 生产商
  • 代理
  • 商业服务
  • 贸易公司
  • 分销商/批发商
  • 买家办公室
  • 政府部 / 局 / 委


  • 500-1000 雇员
  • 50M - 100M 销售额(美元)
  • 80% 出口销售
  • 2019
    Year 成立年份


virtues laboratory system engineering co ltd
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