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Shaoxing Yunna trading Co,.ltd

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Established in 2012, Yunna Trade Co. began as a textile manufacturer. Due to the heavy workload in those beginning years, the employees spent long periods of time at their desks, and some began to suffer from from muscle strain and lumbar discomfort to varying degrees. By chance, I was introduced to an automatic lift table at a trade show in 2015 and was intrigued. After our initial R&D, we decided to invest in setting up a factory to produce these office desks, and we began the enterprise as a foreign trade business. After three years of development, our product has matured and passed all the appropriate certifications (CE, FCC, LVD, SAA, UL, CTUV, etc.). Our factory and cross-border business go hand in hand and are growing at a high speed. Our mission is to bring health and happiness to office workers and those suffering from chronic back pain. We hope to continue this journey with our customers and service providers and as grow and develop new products and new markets."
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Shaoxing Yunna trading Co,.ltd
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Ms.Cassie Li
86 18 1373xxxx
No. 106, shuangta road, economic development zone, shengzhou city, shaoxing city, zhejiang province, - 312400
shaoxing / zhejiang