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Ⅰ、China leading professional glass factory
1、Our Factory was built in 2004, and the second factory was built in 2018.
2、The first factory covers an area of 7000m³, and the second is 14000 m³,there are 50 workers and 5 skilled workers.
3、We have six raw materials furnaces, two broken lines,1000 tons per month, ample stock, shorter delivery time.
Ⅱ、Excellent service
1、More than 10 years production experience and international trading experience, professional international trading team, 24-hour customer service online.
2、There are more than fifteen available colors and sizes for customers to choose.
3、 Package and logo are required by every customer.
Ⅲ、Exporting area and country
Our products are sold to all parts of China and exported to Australia, the United States, Canada, the UK, Korea, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Dubai, New Zealand and so on, the export ratio reached 80%.
Ⅴ、Strict quality control
1、High-quality raw materials ensure high-quality product, the more bright colors, non-toxic and non-radioactive and non-smell.
2、Specialized quality department, we control the size in screening link, pick up impurity, reduce the grade rate.
Ⅵ、Main product
1、Glass beads (more than 15 colors and sizes)
2、Glass sand (more than 15 colors and sizes)
3、Glass block (the size can be inquired by customer, we suggest the suitable size by your different application.)
4、Glow in dark glass (different sizes, high efficiency light time)
5、Special-shaped products (cashew, flat beads, diamonds, heart shape, etc.)
6、Road-marking glass bead (reflective road marking glass bead, grinding glass bead, filling type glass bead)


  • 生产商


  • 50-100 雇员
  • 100K - 200K 销售额(美元)
  • 80% 出口销售
  • 2004
    Year 成立年份


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